A Little Rock late-night eatery rundown


Nine for the nighttime. The moon is high. The fridge is empty. You haven't had a bite since the early-bird lunch special and you're far too considerate a human being to waltz into a local eatery and order up your dinner 10 minutes before closing time. (Aren't you?) Lucky for you, the late-night dining game in Little Rock has gotten a whole lot stronger, and your options extend far past the realm of smothered-and-covered. Read on, night owl, and patronize some of the fine establishments offering up bar bites and couture fare into the wee hours.  1. Pantry Crest 722 N. Palm St. 4 p.m.-midnight Mon.-Sat. The fact that this Pantry Eateries kitchen stays open late is only the beginning. First things first:...

A Little Rock late-night eatery rundown

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