It's the Best and Worst 2018


Our annual salute to weird, worrisome, wonderful Arkansas. Christmas is almost here, and that means it's time once again to open the Arkansas Times' annual regift of highly questionable taste and quality: The Best and Worst issue, our yearly salute to all the news items you tried like hell to forget. Yeah, with Donald Trump in office, it might seem like 2018 lasted a nice, round 29 months or so. But we can assure you that, based on the little hashmarks we've scratched into the wall of our dank and windowless cell here at AT HQ, it was only 365 days, just like every other year. That said, our cup did truly runneth over in 2018, and we were taking notes! So read on, if you dare, for tales of Baphomet barnstorming, the burning hole...

It's the Best and Worst 2018

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