Vacationing? Don't just nap


Do yoga with a goat, or sharpen your knives, or learn to kayak. A weekend away can be a time to nap and read, but it can also be a value-added vacation, one where you aren't at home, someone else is doing the cooking, and you're doing something you always wanted to do. Like downward dog with a baby goat on your back. Or kayaking. Beginning stone carving, anyone? Or being able to answer the question "Is that Penstemon cobea I see before me?" Weekend workshops, where you can work in some learning with your off time, can be found all over Arkansas. Some include lodging, like Heifer Ranch. Others are for campers or day-trippers or just-marrieds who want to add a certain je ne sais quoi to their escape to their...

Vacationing? Don't just nap

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