The 2018 mayoral race


From the web In response to an Arkansas Blog item about Mayor Mark Stodola's confirmation that he would be running for re-election, a day after state Rep. Warwick Sabin announced he would run for mayor in 2018: Although Sabin couldn't be any worse and has potential to be much better than Stodola, I have to wonder why we need both a mayor and a city manager. And why did the state Legislature decide [in a law that says that mayoral pay must be "comparable" to other city officials] that Stodola needs to make as much money as the city manager? Why is it in the state's interest to ensure that Stodola is overpaid by Little Rock?  It's sad that Little Rock doesn't even have sidewalks along major sections of Markham Street and Chenal Parkway (within the...

The 2018 mayoral race

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