The Greatest Dog: Rufus von Schmufus


And yours too. The Greatest Dog anywhere, to anyone who has a dog, is that person's own dog. We who love dogs love them immoderately. We let them lick our faces, sleep in our beds. After all, they catch our ducks. So just because the Arkansas Times is naming the Greatest Dog in Arkansas doesn't mean your dog doesn't deserve the title. Every dog has its day. What it does mean is that readers of the Times voted in our first-ever contest to identify a great dog and came across a photograph of a red and white border collie named Rufus von Schmufus, read his story, and fell in love. One hundred eighty-eight dogs were entered in the Times' contest, which ran June 14 to July 4. Little dogs, medium dogs,...

The Greatest Dog: Rufus von Schmufus

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